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Cameleon Paints And Sets For Face Painters

Cameleon is a versitile line of face paint named after the lizard of the same name as a nod to its ability to change and display a wide range of vibrant colors to blend in with it’s surroundings. Cameleon face paint is new on the scene but has already made a huge splash in the face painting world. Matteo Arfanotti used this line of paints for his entries at the World Body Painting Festival in 2013. Matteo placed first in the World Face Painting Competition and first place in the World Body Painting Competition with Cameleon paints.

The vibrant face paints and cameleon face paint sets featured here are wax based, making them perfect for fine details, smooth sponging and effective layering of colors. Cameleon body paint is safe and comfortable on the skin and can be washed off easily with soap and water so you can change quickly to blend in with your surroundings also. Try out these bright paints, palettes, and rainbow cakes today!

Basic Colors 30gr/45gr Cameleon UV/Neon Colors
Bold and Opaque!
Black light reacitve paint!
Metal Colors 30gr ColorBlocks 25-30gr aprox
Palettes Cameleon Airline Airbrush Paint
4 different sizes to choose from!
Click for details!
Time Tattoo Kit
PRO TIP: Due to the brittle nature of a few of the Cameleon Paints, you may find cracks on the surface or through the cakes. Though the paint is perfectly fine, this can be fixed by warming the cakes up a bit and pressing them, or by continued use with water to re-hydrate them.