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Jewelry Inspired Temporary Tattoos

Metallic foil transfer tattoos are a hot new trend in the temporary body art scene. Available in stunning silver and gold, these flash metallic tattoos are sure to turn heads at any event. Simply wipe your skin clean and apply the tattoo by holding it face down against the skin for 30 seconds with a damp cloth. Our gold and silver temporary tattoos are built to last so you can enjoy them at the beach or add a touch of glam to an upcoming pool party. Simply use oil to remove the tattoo when you are finished, however, our flash metallic tattoos can last up to a week.

Our jewelry inspired temporary tattoos can add a unique flare to any face painter’s kit. You can customize them using our temporary tattoo inks (Colorini and LaDot) and even add some gems and free hand glitter tattoos. Outside of face painting, these flash tattoos are the perfect way to dress up a cocktail dress, add some glam to your swimwear, or bring some tribal flare and personality to an everyday outfit.

WARNING: several stores are offering metallic foil tattoos with colors in them (other than silver and gold). According to our research, the other pigments used have been tested by the FDA and determined unsafe. Color pigments are only safe when they undergo FDA certification, which includes making sure that the pigments are free from heavy metals which are highly toxic. We recommend, for safety, to only buy metallic foil tattoos that have silver and gold foil unless you know a trusted source that is indeed using FDA certified batches of pigments. All the metallic foil tattoos featured at Jest Paint are made from FDA approved ingredients.