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Tag Body Art and Neon Face Paint

TAG Body Art, based in Australia, is one of the most trusted names in the industry and is constantly creating new neon face paint colors and multicolored cakes and pallets. In 2011 Jest Paint introduced the U.S. market to a new breed of face painting magic: TAG Body Art 2-color split cakes, DUO rainbow cakes, and single color cakes in the rectangular container to help make colorful face painting easy and fun, and perfect for your kits.

Jest Paint and TAG have combined forces to bring you an exclusive line of rainbow TAG 1-strokes. Some of our favorite TAG body paints include their exuberant neon face paints and their beautiful pearl colors which are very opaque a deliver the strong shimmering effects you are looking for. TAG regular and pearl body paint is made from FDA compliant ingredients so you can trust the safety of these products. Shop now and create the bright, shimmering, rainbow effects you’ve always wanted!

Regular Colors 32gr/50gr/90gr aprox Neon Colors 32gr/50gr/90gr aprox
You will love these bold colors!
Neon paints glow like crazy under black lights!
Pearl Colors 32gr/50gr/90gr aprox 2 Color Split Cakes 50gr aprox
Add some shimmer to your designs!
Two colors in one!
TAG 1 Strokes - 30gr Aprox TAG 1 Strokes - 30gr Aprox - Exclusives for JestPaint.com
Are you drooling yet?
These are original custom color combos designed by Jest Paint.
Rainbow Split Cakes/Base Blenders 50gr aprox Palettes
A great variety!
Check them out!
PRO TIP: Due to the brittle nature of a few of the TAG Paints, you may find cracks on the surface or through the cakes. Though the paint is perfectly fine, this can be fixed by warming the cakes up a bit and pressing them, or by continued use with water to re-hydrate them.