Face Paint Swatch Gallery

  • This is the largest library of face paint swatches available on the internet. We hope this is helpful when you are faced with so many color choices out there!

  • We have tried our best to photograph all swatches under the same conditions so that they can be compared with each other. We chose to do them on paper versus skin so that the comparisons are also more uniform. Skin tones will affect the way the color appears. Colors are affected by the light, your monitor, and the batch of paint they belong to. For instance, if you know Paradise Red looks like, you can click on a swatch of Paradise Red and then click and compare it to four other reds. You can then tell which one is lighter or darker etc.

  • If you want to do a search so all swatches of a particular color show up on one page, just use the search bar at the top of our website and make sure to use the word "swatch". For example, if you want to find green swatches, search for "green swatch".
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