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Wolfe Face Art and FX Face Paint

Wolfe Face Art and FX is a line of makeup and award winning face paint designed by artists for artists in the U.S.A. Wolfe face paint is known for providing fantastic color pigment and consistency for perfect layering and intricate design work. Wolfe body paint is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. We carry wolfe fx makeup to meet any need from bright liquid paint for linework to luminous neon colors for bright fun parties. Our metallic and essential colors round out any face paint collection and we even sell palettes and multicolored cakes so you can get all the gorgeous colors you need in one place. Wolfe face paint is wax based so it stands up well to warm weather and moderate sweat. This also means you can use less water on your brush or sponge to get great and lasting coverage with every application. Take the time to check out our wide selection of colors and their line of instructional books for great tips and ideas from wolfe face paint.

Please note that Wolfe is packing their paint in both the U.S. and Asia. If there is a Wolfe eye stamped into the top of the paint it was packaged in the U.S.; if there is no stamp, that means it was packaged in Asia, however, you will be getting the same Wolfe FX paint stamped or unstamped. They are also introducing new embossed lids with the logo on top, which are also only on U.S. packed products.

PRO TIP: Due to the brittle nature of a few of the Wolfe Paints when paints are cooled or warmed, you may find cracks on the surface or through the cakes. Though the paint is perfectly fine, this can be fixed by warming the cakes up a bit and pressing them, or by continued use with water to re-hydrate them.