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Best Snazaroo Face Paints Alternatives

Snazaroo Face Paints have been around for a very very long time and thousands of face "painters worldwide started the face painting journey with Snazaroo face paints," but many have outgrown the brand since then and moved on to new alternative brands that provide different consistency, colors and a different finish.

Best Alternative to Snazaroo Face Paints

Snazaroo face paints are a great option for those starting out since it is a fairly easy to use face paint and it is a well trusted brand with years in the market. This is a safe face paint brand for kids and adults alike, but it is not the only safe face paint brand so we will walk you through alternatives and what makes them different.

This blog is intended for those looking to witch from Snazaroo to other face paint brands and don't know yet what brand to choose.

What are the Key Characteristics of Snazaroo Face Paints?

In order to choose an alternative brand of face paint it is important to understand the product we are working with. Snazaroo Face Paints are usually categorized as a Glycerin Based face paint (in opposition to oil based, wax based or powder based).

So what does that mean? It means that is a good face paint for applying bases, since it is soft and blendable, but not the best for line work, since glycerin can blead on the skin unlike wax. It also means that it will have a more matte finish and will be more likely to transfer or smudge than wax based or powder based face paints.

In regards to color, here is what Ilea from Looking Glass has to say about on her own blog post.

"I've always found the colors of glycerin based paint (such as Snazaroo and Mehron) to be fairly 'neutral toned', and wax base paints (such as TAG, and Wolf) to have more saturation on average for their pallets. Snazaroo paints don't have the same 'pop' that wax based colors have through out most of their brands color section."

Snazaroo face Paints VS Other brands

Snazaroo is also known for having some nice bright colors, but most of the range is not what we would say super bright. We imagine that in order to make them easier to wash off, Snazaroo face paints are not as pigmented as other brands. This is not true for every color, but it is very noticeable on their black face paint, since it is not nearly as opaque and black as other face paint brands.

Now, even though it might not be as pigmented as other brands, it does not mean it is always easy to remove. That depends a lot on every person, their skin, and the removal method.

As you can see form the review below not every person has an easy time removing Snazaroo face paints off their skin, but this is true for EVERY brand and not just Snazaroo. The overall reviews on this brand are still excellent from most users that usually either have tried very cheap brands that show up only during Halloween (don't do that), or have just not tried other professional face paint brands.

Snazaroo face Paints review

What Should I look for in a Face Paint Brand?

Finding the perfect face paint brand for you. Although we have written a blog post about the best face paint brand, truth is, it all depends on the user, their likes and dislikes and their needs.

Regardless, there are a few things that we think most face painters or people looking into buying face paints should look for:

1 - Quality above price. This is a makeup product, it goes on your skin, so you should focus on quality. Look for safe products from well known manufacturers, with proper ingredients lists. Do not go for brands that come around only around Halloween time since they have not been around for much for you to know their safety and they tend to be made with really cheap ingredients which either give you a terrible finish, or can be irritating for your skin... or both. Superstar face paints are a great example of a high quality and safe product.

Superstar Face Paints

2 - Will not transfer once dried. Some really cheap face paints (and some pro brands as well) tend to never really dry, leaving an oily finish on the skin that can be easily smudge and transferred when touched. This not only will ruin your design but it can also end up staining clothing, couches, etc. Try to choose face paint brands that will be smudge proof. Brands like Fusion Body Art are a great example of a brand that will fully dried after applied and will not easily transfer.

Fusion Body Art

3 - It is easy to wash off or remove once the day is over. Some brands, mostly the super cheap ones can have really low quality pigments that are very hard to remove from the skin. If you don't want to look green or red forever, it is recommended that you choose a high quality face paint brand. Keep in mind though that every brand can have some difficult colors, but in general they are easier to remove the higher the quality. A brand that we love for how easy it is to remove overall is Fusion Body Art.

4 - Pigmentation. Look for face paints that look bright and bold rather than matte and muted if you want to have a bright look finish to your designs.

So What Are The Best Alternatives To Snazaroo Face Paints?

Like anything, that depends on what you are looking. Lets look at some examples.

I want a face paint brand that is equally as easy to blend and has a nice smooth soft finish, but has brighter colors.

In this case we would suggest for you to go with brands like Superstar or Paradise by Mehron. Both brands are glycerin base so they are as easy to blend as Snazaroo and have that soft almost velvet like finish, but they have a much larger selection of bright colors (including much bolder metallic colors) and also tend to provide a more smudge proof finish.

Paradise Face Paints
I want a face paint brand that has a brighter more shinny finish
If this is the case then we would suggest for you to go with any of the wax based styled face paints out there: Diamond FX, Wolfe FX, TAG Body Art, Fusion Body Art, Global Body Art and more. These brands will give you a much more shinny look instead of the more matte powdery finish than glycerin based face paints tend to give. 
Diamond FX Face Paints
I want a face paint brand that gives me sharper looking line work and details
If sharp lines and details is what you need, then again wax based style face paints are your best alternative to Snazaroo face paints. We LOVE Fusion Body Art face paints, but there are other brands equally good for line work, like TAG Body Art, Diamond FX, Wolfe FX, Cameleon Body Art, Global, etc.
Fusion Body Art Face Paints
I want a smudge proof face paint
If you need a completely smudge proof face paint then we would suggest for you to go with alcohol based liquid face paints, like ProAiir. If instead you need something very durable but not necessarily 100% smudge proof or water resistant, then powder based face paints like StarBlend or wax based style face paints like Fusion Body Art, Diamond FX, TAG Body Art are great alternatives to Snazaroo.
ProAiir Water Resistant Face Paints
I want the safest brand of face paint there is
You are in luck! There are many safe face paint brands that are equally as safe as Snazaroo face paints. Although for years Snazaroo has branded themselves as the safest face paint, truth is, there is nothing in it that makes it safer than brands like Paradise, Fusion Body Art, Kryolan, Graftobian and many others.
In general, if you choose a well known professional brand of face paint that has been in the market for a few years, that is manufactured by a well known manufacturer preferably with a company representative in your country, that has a full list of ingredients and a label that complies with your local regulations, then you should have no issue.
face paint brands

All of the face paints we sell ate are generally regarded as safe based on tests conducted by the manufacturers, their ingredients and compliance with strict regulations in markets like Europe and the USA.
The only major difference between Snazaroo and most other face paint brands is that they took their time to register their product as toy in the USA and got a toy safety regulation, but that does not mean the other brands would not meet those requirements, they just have not applied for it because face paints are not really a toy but rather a cosmetic.
So, if it is safety that you are after, go look at our Face Paints Brands, we do not carry unsafe products :)
I want a brand that I can use to make my own split cakes
Making your own split cakes requires some practice and there is a learning curve, but in general you will have an easier time working with softer brands like Superstar or Paradise by Mehron. Snazaroo tends to be very dry, so it crumbles when you try to cut it in pieces. You will want to use brands that are soft and pliable. Most wax based face paints are also good with the exceptions of some colors per brand. You might want to ask before ordering a wax based face paint if the color is soft or tends to be more on the dry end.
Fusion Body Art Split Cakes
We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post and that you have learned all you need to know to find the best alternatives to Snazaroo face paints if that is what you are looking for.
In our personal opinion Snazaroo is a great brand for beginner face painters or parents looking to have fun with their kids since it is affordable, safe and overall can give you an ok finish look. But, if you want a bolder, brighter and sharper look with a more smudge proof finish, we would go for alternative brands.
Please make sure to leave us a comment using the comment's section below, share this blog post with your friends, and subscribe to our newsletter and blog for more information, coupons and other fun face painting ideas!
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