How to Face Paint - Unicorn Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial

Follow these easy steps to create an amazing looking butterfly painted by the amazing Elodie Ternois-Biségna, a certified qualified face painter by the International Face Painting School and owner of Lodi Up Face and Body Painters. Follow the step by steps below and hear what she has to say about the products she used for this particular design!

Leanne's tropical butterfly” by Global Colours is just beautiful! It’s one of my favorite cakes! The colors are very vibrant, almost electric, and bright when applied to the skin. Application is very easy with a face paint sponge. As a tip, I suggest you spray your sponge with water rather than spraying water directly on the cake, that way you will keep the separation of colors. This rainbow has a "wow" effect and will make little girls very happy!"

"The 098 TAP Stencil by Jest Paint is a pretty and easy-to-use ornament. It is perfect for any design. Here I used it to make the body of the butterfly. It adds a touch of elegance and detail quickly to your designs. I highly recommend this stencil in your face painting kit."

Materials used:

Global Colours Leanne's Tropical Butterfly for the base
Global Colours Pearl Magenta for the lip color
TAG Regular White for the highlights
Loew-Cornell Brush Round #2 for the dots
Loew-Cornell American Painter Angular 1/2 for butterfly contour
Splash Teardrop Sponge for the wings
Jest Paint TAP Stencil Number 098 for the centerpiece 

Step 1- Load the teardrop sponge with paint from your rainbow cake and pat the wing shapes above and below the eyes.

Step 2- Load your 1/2" angle or flat brush with the colors from darker side of the cake and paint scallops that edge the wings. Three scallops on top and three on the bottom is just enough. Make sure they are different widths in order to make the design look more interesting and alive. 

Step 3 - Load a dry sponge with slightly moist face paint and use a stencil to apply the centerpiece. 

Step 4 - Use white for highlight dots of different sizes, and a pretty color like Pearl Magenta for the lips. 

Don't forget to visit Elodie's Facebook and Instagram page. She is the queen of unicorns and all things pretty!!

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