Face Painter’s Survival Guide – The Tools You Need For any Situation

Face painting can take you from festivals to birthday parties to school fairs. You never know where you'll end up, so you should always have a kit of essentials on hand that can meet the needs of any venue. Have these basics in your case and you'll be good to go if any face-painting need appears.

Basic Color Palette

With water-based face paints in red, blue, yellow, black and white, you can mix just about any color you need no matter where you are. Bring a spare paint pot or a mixing palette to combine colors as necessary is you are scared to mix them in the cakes.

Having a few split cakes or rainbow cakes in your kit makes combining colors even easier. These paints have multiple colors in one cake so you can work with one at a time or create special fading effects as you paint. The cakes take up less room than a full palette of colors, so they're good to have when you're traveling and space is at a premium.


Dense makeup sponges in a variety of sizes and shapes can be used to spread paint for full coverage or to fill in large areas. You can also cut the large sponges into quarters. A wedge-shaped sponge is great for using with stencils. At a bare minimum, try to pack one sponge per color to minimize the time needed to clean up between designs or have one sponge per child to keep things ultra sanitary. If you think that you might paint 10 kids per hour, then you might want 30 sponges for a three hour event.


For details, a collection of flat and round brushes gives you all you need. A #2 round brush provides a fine tip while a broader #4 is useful for larger lines. Having one round brush for black and one for white will keep your colors bolder. Flat brushes, preferably 3/4 " to one inch wide, can help you pick up more than one color or create sharp strokes. Filberts are great for filling in larger areas with color. When doing a big event, you will want a wider selection of brushes but these four styles will be perfect for your survival kit. Click here to read our brush blog!

Storage and Cleanup

Keeping your face painting essentials organized is easier with cases made specifically for each item. Paint cases are made to hold round or rectangular paint cakes, and zippered holders with individual compartments ensure that your brushes never get away from you. A larger case to hold all of the supplies makes it easy to carry everything from one place to another.

Cleaning supplies are simple but necessary as face painting is a messy business. Make sure you have a small collapsible bowl to wash your brushes and sponges in as well as a towel or rag to wipe your hands. You might want to keep another rag on hand in case you need to touch up designs as you work.

There's one more essential item that you don't want to forget to pack in your kit: a mirror so that people can admire their new look. When you have all these tools together, you'll be ready to paint any design that a situation calls for.

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