Why We Love Waterproof Airbrush Paint

Waterproof hybrid airbrush paint is an exciting product that is able to allow artists to create beautiful long lasting designs on the skin. Determining which paints will best meet your needs is a matter of evaluating the features of each available type. Learning more about this paint and how it works can help you make the most of this paint at your next gig.

How Waterproof Airbrush Paint Works

Hybrid waterproof airbrush paints are unique because they can be used for both airbrushing and traditional face paint techniques. The paint can be poured to allow artists to apply it with a sponge in the same manner as water-based paints are applied.

No water is needed to activate the paint. All that an artist needs to face paint is a small palette, paints and a brush. The paint is ready to use as soon as it is poured. You can use 99% alcohol to reactivate dried paint, or to thin paint out.

The thin quality of the hybrid paint provides even coverage without leaving a heavy layer on the skin and dries quickly to keep designs set in place.

Safety and Interaction with other types of paint

Waterproof airbrush paint is available in a variety of colors that can be used together to create dimension. You can use hybrids on top of dry water based paint, or even on top of powder based paint. These paints have also been certified to be safe to use on children, so parents can be assured that the health of their child will not be at risk when these paints are used on the skin. While this paint is designed to stay on in wet climates, it can still be washed off easily with soap and water. Hybrid paints contain alcohol, but the hybrid element of these paints means that alcohol is not necessary for the removal process. This makes it an ideal solution for children's birthday parties. Parents can be assured that the designs will stay on long enough to delight their children, but the paints can be washed off when it is time to return to school.

This swimmer has proaiir on one side and waterbased on the other. As you can see, the proaiir has a lot more staying power!

Climate Considerations

One of the best features of waterproof airbrush paint is the fact that it will not smear or wash off easily when applied to clean and dry skin. If you are planning on having a fun pool party with family and friends, this paint allows for face painting activities to be enjoyed without worry.

The waterproof aspect of this paint also makes it ideal for use during hot days in the summer. Sweat can cause designs to become distorted when other paints are used, though not invincible to heat and sweat the waterproof airbrush paint performs the best at retaining its integrity throughout the day making it the most ideal choice for outdoor festivals, races and summer parties.

Designs and Effects Created With Waterproof Airbrush Paint

Airbrush paint can be quickly applied in any type of design or pattern to allow artists to provide event guests with the look that they want without having to worry about time constraints. Full-face designs can be applied in as little as two to three minutes. Body art tattoos can be completed in 60 seconds.

The spray-on feature of airbrush paint means that unique, smoothly blended designs can be created. Stencils are typically used in conjunction with these paints to create complex designs in a short period of time. You can also combine airbrushed bases with brush work details.

Click Here to see our Demo Video using Endura Paints and Tattoo Pro Stencils

Ideal Use of Airbrush Paint

Waterproof airbrush paint is perfect for any type of outdoor event. Summer events are given the perfect finishing touch with the decorated participants flowing out of an airbrush face painting booth. Event planners do not have to worry about scheduling face painting strategically when pools, bounce houses or natural water sources are close to the event location. Come rain or shine all your clients will look as great as they did the moment they got up from your chair making them the perfect walking advertisements for your services.

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