Art Factory | Blue High Density Face Painting Sponges - Petal (2 pieces)

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by Art Factory | Product Code: AFS101

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What are the Dimensions of the Art Factory Petal Sponges?

Each sponge is approximately 1.5" x 1.786".  You will receive 2 petal sponges.

What are the Art Factory High Density Petal Sponges Best For?

Art Factory Petal Sponges are ideal for face painting butterfly wings, flower petals, unicorn ears and smooth bases. These soft yet firm sponges are perfect for loading up some colors from 50 gram large rainbow cakes and using like a stamp to create a petal shape full of colors. You will love the blue color because it helps hide face paint stains that may remain after washing them. Your face painting kit will look cleaner and more professional.

How Should I Use the Art Factory Petal Shaped Sponges?

The Art Factory Petal Sponges are easy to use. Simply moisten them by dipping the edge in water, making sure that when you squeeze them no water drips out. You can also spray them with a misting bottle. Once you sponge is moist all you have to do is rub the sponge back and forth over your face paint cake until you can see that you have a nice opaque load of face paint. Once you are all loaded up, just tap and blend the face paint onto the skin where you would like it. For a rainbow butterfly tap the pointed corner over the eye lid and the large end over the eye brown, forehead area. You can load a little paint on the short edge of the sponge and drag it lightly against the skin to make fur or scratches texture, or for adding shadows on full face designs as well. We recommend using one sponge per child to help limit the spread of contagious germs while face painting. You can use these sponges and then wash them at home in your washing machine in a delicates bag, or by hand with hot soapy water, rinse well and then let them air dry thoroughly.

What else should I know about these Art Factory Sponges?

These beautiful blue sponges by the Art Factory are made of high density foam and are latex free. They are ideal for water-based makeup.









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