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Can I use a coupon code at checkout when purchasing the Crafty Kids Face Paint Treasure Box?

No. The Crafty Kid Treasure Box comes at a reduced cost of only $60 for at least $75 worth of supplies, and there is free shipping for each box.  If you use a coupon code we will have to adjust your invoice by removing the coupon discount, and ask for a payment of the balance before shipping your first Treasure Box. To avoid this, please do not use a coupon when checking out. Thanks for you understanding!

What is the Crafty Kids Face Paint Treasure Box?

The Crafty Kids Face Paint Treasure BOX is a 3 month subscription based product that is shipped to addresses in the U.S.A. For the listed price someone you choose that resides in the United States will have access to a magical 3 month subscription to some of our really cool products! If you know someone who loves surprises and art, this is a great way for beginner face painters to grow your face painting kit and have some fun! The Crafty Kids Treasure Box also comes with face paint and craft ideas printed out for your crafty kid to follow! The Treasure Box makes a great birthday or holiday gift for young artists! If you purchase one, just supply the name and shipping address of that special person while checking out. For the next three months they will be reminded of your love and support for their face painting and crafty passion!

What items do you ship in the Crafty Kids Face Paint Treasure Box?

Each month your young artist will get full size and sample size products that range from solid cakes of face paint, rainbow cakes, stencils, loose glitters, and jewels, to liquid paints, sponges, brushes and glitter gels! Each box usually has 3 or 4 items that kids will love to get creative with! The box also comes with instructions for face painting and craft ideas that are good for ages 4 and up. We do not ship special fx paints with UV neon colors colors in the Jest Paint Treasure Boxes.

What are the detailed Terms and Conditions of the Crafty Kids Face Paint Treasure Box?

- VALUE OF THE BOX: The items in each of the boxes will be valued at $25.00 or more based on our site prices or MSRP set by the manufacturers. There will be no shipping charges. With the average shipping cost at being $6.50 that means that the total estimated value of your subscription is $94.50 including at least $75 worth of products!

- SUBSCRIPTION LENGTH AND CANCELLATIONS: Your subscription is good for 3 months for a total of 3 shipments. The price covers 3 pre-paid months valued at $20.00 each. If you choose to cancel your subscription you will receive a proportional refund based on how many months you have left. We will only refund you for the months for which we have not yet shipped the products on this subscription to you. -

SHIPPING POLICIES: WE ONLY SHIP TO ADDRESSES IN THE USA. Products will be shipped around the last business day of each month to the address provided at checkout when your first purchased this subscription. If you need to change your subscription shipping address please send an e-mail or give us a call. Future changes of address to your ACCOUNT or to other orders not related to this subscription WILL NOT modify the address we ship your subscription products to. Changes will only be considered valid once you have received a confirmation of such change being made (if you did not receive a confirmation of change a change has not been made).

Treasure Boxes will only be shipped to a different address if the original recipient moves. They cannot be sent to multiple people via changing the address every month. We will choose the shipping method and subscription shipments can not be combined with regular shipments. If a package can not be delivered and/or gets returned to sender, Jest Paint LLC will not be responsible for re-shipping it and the subscription obligations from Jest Paint will be considered as fulfilled for that month. We will not issue refunds for such packages, but you can pay to have it re-shipped. 

-RETURNS AND REPLACEMENTS: All products are shipped using a third party carrier. Because of that, title and risk of loss and/or damage for such products will pass to you once the package is given to the carrier. Because of the nature of this subscription no returns or exchanges will be accepted. We can only do replacements on products that have been determined by us to have a production defect. If you think a product that you received as part of this subscription is defective please contact us right away to receive instructions on how to process a request for replacements. If a package can not be delivered and/or gets returned to sender, Jest Paint LLC will not be responsible for re shipping it and the subscription obligations from Jest Paint will be considered as fulfilled for that month. We will not issue refunds for such packages. You can pay Jest Paint to re-ship your package if we have received it back. This policy is different than the one for regular non subscription purchases at Jest Paint and this policy will be the one applied for subscription products.

-WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MY BOX: Every month is a surprise! Your box will usually have 2 or more products valued at a total of $25.00 (US Dollars) or more based on our website prices or MSRPs. Some products will be full size products and some will be sample size. You can not choose the products inside your box. Current brands that might be in your box are: Global Colours, Ruby Red, Mehron, Paradise, Bolt Brushes, Jest Glitz, Jest Sponges, TAP Stencils, Jest Jewelz, Royal, Protege. More brands might be added in the future and some might be discontinued. We do not guarantee that a specific brand will be available for the entire term of your subscription. Occasionally you might receive some extra free sample gifts from other brands. Those extra gifts will be clearly marked as FREE GIFTS and will not count towards the $25.00 value of your box. Although we will do our best to prevent repetition of products, from time to time it might happen if you sign up for a long period of time.

-COUPONS AND SALES: Coupon codes of any kind can not be used when purchasing this Treasure Box or to meet the minimum purchase requirements to access other sales. If you want to partake in a sale for regular items, please place a second order that does not have a coupon code applied to order your Treasure Box. In the case that a customer uses a coupon that gives a reduced price on the subscription or to meet the minimum order price as part of a sale, their invoice will be readjusted and the customer will be contacted for additional payment before starting their subscription. Your order will be placed on hold and not shipped until payment in made. We cannot allow additional discounts to this already discounted program, and our system will not allow us from excluding this item from coupon sales behind the scenes. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

- REWARD POINTS and AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Subscriptions purchased do not count as purchases for our Rewards Program or our Affiliate Program.

- OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Except as mentioned above, all other terms and conditions posted on our website apply to your purchase of this subscription. Happy Treasure Boxing! *Images are for illustration purposes only. The contents of your box will vary.









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