Ben Nye MagiCakes

Ben Nye has a really unique line of face paints for professional artists known as MagiCakes. They are very rich and vibrant and you can achieve solid brush strokes and base work with them. Ben Nye Magicakes are powder based, meaning that they are a densely pressed powder versus a glycerin or waxed based paint that have more of a clay like consistency. You still activate them with water, like you would with any other water based cake. Only the Sunshine Yellow, Azure Blue and Cosmic blue load when used dry, but the color pay off isn't as intense as if used when wet.

Magicakes are especially great for people who work under hot and humid conditions and do not want their face paints to melt in their containers. The finish is matte so they are also awesome for photography and film projects. You can shimmer them up with mica products like Mehron's Precious Gem Powders or glitter.

Add Mehron Mixing Liquid to make a more water and sweat resistant paint while painting, or set with Ben Nye Final Seal after your design is finished to make a super long lasting design!

Please read important info at the bottom of the page about powder based cakes.

Please be aware that powder based paints are more fragile than regular face paints with a glycerin and/or wax base. You must take special care when transporting your MagiCakes to events.

What if they arrive damaged? We strongly recommend adding shipping insurance to your order if it includes powder paints because Jest Paint is not responsible for damage that occurs to your products after they leave our store.

Can I fix them? There are two great options for repairing your powders, so e-mail us if they incur any damage.

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