Art Factory Studio Face Painting Brush - Round #3

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Art Factory Studio Brush

What materials are used in this brush?

Art Factory Studio Brushes are made with white synthetic bristles and have purple painted wooden handles. This brush has a seamless nickel plated ferrule.

What are the dimensions?

This brush is 7 1/4" long from tip to end. The base of the bristles is approximately a little less than 1/16" in a diameter and the bristles are 1/2" long.

How to use?

Get your brush wet, wipe the end of it against the edge of your water container, rub against your dry cake until you create a creamy consistency and then paint on the face/body.

What is this brush best for?

Art Factory Studio Round #3 Face Painting brush is perfect for tear drops!

What else should I know?

Because the brushes are made from synthetic bristles, no animals were harmed for the production of these brushes.

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