Art Factory - Boomerang Face Painting Stencil - Unicorn Horn Duo (B029)

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What are the dimensions and material of Boomerang Stencils?

Boomerang Stencils are made of 7.5 ml Mylar and are created using precision laser cutting equipment. They are 4.5" long x 2.5" wide. 

How do I use Boomerang Stencils?

You can use Boomerang Stencils for face and body art used via and for stenciling with sponges or kabuki brushes. For airbrush, use as you would with any other stencil. You can use tape to create a larger boarder to avoid over spray if needed. If you do not have an airbrush, use a small dry sponge or kabuki brush to pick up a thin layer of paint that has had some water added to it. Keep adding paint until it is tacky. Make sure that the paint is not wet and runny to prevent dripping under the stencil. Hold the stencil firmly to the skin and tap the paint into the spaces in the stencil until you have filled in the area you want to use. Carefully peel the stencil away from the face. You will get a nice clean impression of the design! You can load a sponge with a rainbow of colors by using a rainbow split cake and then stencil the design for an even cooler effect! Some face painters like using powders instead of water based face paints to avoid issues with getting the water paint ratio correct, though powders tend to smear if touched. Make sure that the base colors of face paint are dry before you put a stencil on top to add the stenciled layer. Clean with soapy water. 

What are Boomerang Stencils best for?

This Unicorn Horn Stencil is perfect for super quick full face unicorn designs. If you struggle with getting nice looking horns as a centerpieces, this is a life saver! Boomerang Stencils are perfect for face painting and decolletage painting due to the boomerang shape of the stencils. These stencils were designed by Tal at the Art Factory, so that they fit on the faces of children and adults. Some designs are perfect for crowns and necklaces, while others are perfect for cheek art.  Rotate the stencil around the face to put the designs exactly where you want them. You will be super happy that you have some Boomerang Stencils in your face painting kit because they can add a lot of details and dimension to your face painting designs! 

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