Festival Glitter - Chunky Glitter Gel - UV Rave - 1.5 oz

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by Art Factory | Product Code: YBFG102
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What are the dimensions of this Festival Glitter Jar?

The size of the container is 1" tall by 2.25" wide. It contains 1.5 fluid ounce of product.

What is Festival Glitter Rave best for?

Rave chunky glitter gel is great for creating colorful accents around your face paint designs or to be applied by itself on the hair, on the chest area or even around the eye area (away from the eye). This glitter is UV reactive so it is perfect for black light parties! Watch your design turn into a disco party when the black lights go on!

How to apply and remove this Chunky Glitter Gel?

Apply Festival Glitter Rave with a filbert brush. We recommend face painters or users to apply directly on the skin or hair and not over face paint since the gel will smear your design, unless the design was done with alcohol based paints. This glitter gel removes easily with soap and water.

What else should I know about Festival Glitter Rave?

All Festival Glitter Gels are made with polyester glitters to make them skin friendly. Because of the size of the glitter we recommend to keep it away from the eyes and not to apply it on small children that might rub the glitter on their eyes.

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