BenNye MagiCake Face Paint - Brite Orange .77oz/22gr

by Ben Nye | Product Code: BNM101

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What are the dimensions of this product?
The container is 3 1/16 inches in diameter and 9/16 inches tall.

How to apply and remove it?
Apply with a dampened sponge or brush. We recommend that you apply water to your brush or sponge and then load the makeup rather than spraying your paints. This line of makeup may require a bit more water than other brands since it is highly powder based. The first time you use some colors you might need to work the color until your break the "waxy" barrier. These colors remove easily with soap and water.

What is this product best for?
All Ben Nye Magicake colors are really nice for blending and line work. Use their Brite Orange for super hero and villain designs, Halloween creations and any other project where you need a Brite Orange ! Magicakes are great for hot humid weather since the powder absorbs sweat which reduces the running or smearing of your designs. You can use Mehron Mixing Liquid instead of water to wet the paint for a water resistant application.

What else should I know?
All Magicake colors are made with FDA compliant ingredients and are hypoallergenic. These paints contain no perfume to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Ben Nye Magicakes are made in the USA by the Ben Nye Co., a trusted brand of products that has been serving the family entertainer, makeup, theater and movie worlds for decades.

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