TAT2U Temporary Tattoo Transfers - Snake around Knife - Set of 2

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Temporary Tattoo Transfer - Snake around Knife

How to apply and remove?
TAT2U Temporary Tattoo Transfers includes two transfers and two Prep + Set wipes. To apply, clean the skin using the Prep + Set wipes. Once the skin is clean, place the transfer on the skin and pat the transfer using the Prep + Set wipe until it is completely wet. Press down with your hand for a few seconds and then peel transfer. You will have a temporary tattoo that you can leave as a black outline or use the TAT2U Pens to create a colorful temporary tattoo. This will last about 3 days or until washed off with soap and water or makeup remover.

What are Temporary Tattoo Transfers best for?

TAT2U Temporary Tattoo Transfers are great for creating temporary tattoos with ease! Simply apply the transfer then add a variety of color using the TAT2U Body Art Pens and get creative! These temporary tattoos are great for summer parties, picnics, and weekend fun! Snake around Knife design is popular with adults.

What else should I know about TAT2U Temporary Tattoo Transfers?

TAT2U Temporary Tattoo Transfers are not water proof and will last longer if set with a setting powder.

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