Global Colours Body Art - Fundraising Face Painting Kit - OUT OF STOCK

OUT OF STOCK!! This kit includes: 1 Rainbow Burst Fun Stroke Palette 1 Rainbow Splash Fun Stroke Palette 1 Global White 32gr 1 Global Strong Black 32gr 1 Liner #3 BOLT Brush 1 3/4" Stroke BOLT Brush 1 Jest Glitz Fairy Sparks glitter in a fine mist bottle Kit Tips: Use the 3/4" brush to pick up 3-4 colors at once and create colorful 1 stroke designs like flowers, butterflies, flames, snakes, dolphins etc. You can also use these colors to create eye masks or full face designs. Visit our youtube channel for tons of face painting demos! If you are planning on painting a lot of kids at one event you may want to consider purchasing a few more brushes. Check out our blog for articles on choosing brushes here. This is good blog post about other things that you will need for your face paint station to run smoothly.

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