Art Factory | Glitter Set - 10 Poofer Bottles and Case - Rainbow Crystal Face Painting Glitter - #14

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by Art Factory | Product Code: YBK114
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Product Update: Art Factory changed the tops of the glitter bottles, they have the long tips with the red plastic caps, which are better designed for poofing. Please note that they do not fit in perfectly with the lid on. These bottles can be stored with the lid on if they are facing down and the tips stick out of the hollow base by about 1/2". Labels now say Art Factory instead of Ybody.

This is a great rainbow set including 10 translucent glitters and a plastic case to display the bottles. This specific set is ideal for face painters and body artists. You may apply this glitter over wet henna paste, face or body painting, glitter tattoo glue, nail art etc,. It will not show up as opaque, so it is not recommended for glitter tattoos.
This kit contains:
  • 10 0.5oz Poof bottles of Translucent Glitter. White Mix Sparkle, UV Electric Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, Garden Fairy, UV Brilliant Green, Ice Princess, Gorgeous Grape, Purple Passion, UV Wild Pink, Outrageous Orange.
  • 1 Plastic Case The lid is held on by friction. Store securely in your kit, or the lid may come off.

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