Body Art Pens

Temporary Tattoo Pens

Body art tattoo pens can add a touch of realism to a vibrant body paint project or allow you to freehand complex designs for a personal touch. Accomplish great scrollwork or bring your art all the way through the hairline with the perfect body art marker. All of these great body art pens are easy to use and will add a professional touch to any face painting design.

Our Kryolan Skinliners and TAT2U pens are a must have in any face paint kit if you want to do some freehand style tattoos with ease. Add intricate details to your face paint designs as well, like the borders or antennae on a butterfly. These great face paint liners can be removed with rubbing alcohol, or soap and water if applied on top of face paint. For more water resistance the Ben Nye precision eye liner will get the job done perfectly without taking up too much space with your supplies.

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