Body Glue

Body glues are designed to hold glitter, gems and other decor or prosthetics to the skin. They are dermatologically tested to be skin safe. Some contain latex and need to be removed with alcohol or oils, while others are less tacky and can be washed of with water. Please read the descriptions to get a good idea of what kind of glue is perfect for your project. 

Important Glue Warning: Jest Paint is not responsible for the damage to your body glue if you choose to order it and it freezes. Ordering glue during months where there is a chance your package could be exposed to freezing temperatures during transit could result in your glitter glue solidifying and being unusable. We are located in Michigan, and November through March can get very cold. Order at your own risk, and make sure to store your glue in a place that will not get lead to freezing.  Thank you for reading! :)

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