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What am I receiving when I order the Colorini Body Ink in the color Kelly Green?

THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED OVERSEAS DUE TO ITS FLASH POINT. We can only ship it within the continental United States

When ordering this product, you will receive 15 milliliters of Colorini Body Ink in the shade Kelly Green. Colorini Body Ink dries matte and is perfect for creating fake tattoos, henna designs, glitter tattoos and more. Colorini has many great qualities that will allow artists a great range of painting effects. Some of the colors are opaque and others are transparent, they blend perfectly even after one of the shades may be dry. Try to experiment with rubbing alcohol like you would with watercolors. Colorini helps create very elegant and professional looking glitter tattoos as well, the edge of the design will be sharp and crisp and will add a unified background. You should add glitter to the color while its still wet, because once it is dry the glitter will no longer adhere. It you want them to really sparkle for a long time, we recommend working in sequence in small areas since Colorini dries in seconds.

How do I apply and remove this product?

To apply this product, simply draw on the desired area using a brush or a sponge. You can freehand a design or you can use a glitter tattoo stencil, and simply fill it in with Colorini. You can choose to add glitter on top of the Colorini, although this is completely optional, as the Colorini designs look super cool with both a matte and a glittery finish. If you mess up on your design, don’t worry; just grab a Q-Tip or a brush and dip it in alcohol to clean up the edges of your design. This product will come off by itself within 2-7 days, but if you want to remove it earlier, just use an alcohol swab and gently rub the product off.

How long will this product last?

This product can last anywhere between 2-7 days when applied to the skin. If you want it to last longer simply avoid friction and washing the area the product is located.

What else should I know about this Product?

Due to shipping regulations, Colorini cannot be shipped outside of the United States. Each Colorini bottle can produce anywhere between 100-140 tattoos! Colorini may stain clothing and fabrics. Some colors may separate when not used therefor we recommend to shake the bottle well before each use. If the consistency gets to be too thick over time, you may consider mixing one part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts Colorini to make it easier to work with. Colorini colors are the best and safest way to create a temporary tattoo that lasts for days. It is alcohol based and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

This Product is NOT suitable for children under 3 years old, and is not recommended for sensitive skin areas.









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