Chubby Bulb Plastic Pipettes (Set of 5)

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by Jest Paint Accessories QX | Product Code: QX108

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These are great little guys, perfect for transferring your Colorini and Body Glue into other containers. Almost 3.5 inches long from head to toe. You should know that they are pretty small, but they do the trick.
Extra Amusing Ideas for Pipettes submitted by Gen Keller:
"I didn't realize they came 5 in a pack! I'll take all 50 if you have them anyway...I love pipettes, I use them for everything! Adding chocolate polkadots to pancakes, putting fake blood into edible capsule, extracting extra grease from on top of pizza, adding mustard eyes on octopus hot dogs, feeding pet bugs sugar water, basting mini Cornish hens, injecting strawberries with coconut rum, sucking an annoying eyelash out of your eye, adding googlie eyes and hair then having a puppet show with puppets that can pee on stage.......these are just a few. Leave a girl and her pipettes to play!"

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