Color Me Pro Face Painting Powder by Elisa Griffith | Matte Fireman Red (3.5 gr)

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by Elisa Griffith | Product Code: EGP101

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What are the dimensions of this face painting product?

The size of this container of pressed powders is 1 3/8" in diameter and 2/16" deep. It contains 3.5 grams of product.

How to apply and remove Elisa Griffith Face Painting Powders?

Apply Elisa Griffith face painting pressed powders using a smoothie blender like the Bolt Brush Velvet Blender. Using a soft circular motion, rub the applicator against the powder until you have picked up enough powder to cover the surface of your applicator. Now, gently rub the applicator again the skin pressing down to make sure the powder sticks to the skin. If you want a bolder look you can first apply a primer to the skin, like the Elisa Griffith primer or any other makeup primer or lotion and then paint over it. The soft shimmery colors have a bit more of a creamy base and don't really need a primer.
To remove them simply get a soft sponge with soap and rub it gently until all makeup has been loosened. Now rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

What is Elisa Griffith Matte Fireman Red pressed face painting powder best for?

Elisa Griffith Matte Fireman Red pressed face painting powder is great for your favorite superhero on a hot day since it is a very bright red. You can use it on its own, or combine it with regular face paints or other pressed powders. Many face painters use StarBlend powders as a background color and then accent their designs with Elisa Griffith's powders to add a punch of color to their creations since no other face painting powder is as pigmented as Elisa's. Because of their powder base, Elisa Griffith face painting powders are very resistant to sweat and are perfect for hot humid days. You can also use them with stencils over regular face paint, or to highlight and shade designs painter with regular face paints since their powdery soft base can create a very smooth effect.

What else should I know about Elisa Griffith Face Painting Powders?

Elisa Griffith powders were designed by face painting and makeup artist Elisa Griffith and are produced by a third party manufacturer. The manufactures assures us that their product is made with FDA compliant ingredients for cosmetic application and they are free from animal products as well as never tested on animals.

Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, BHT. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, Ulramarine Blue, Chrome Oxide Greens, Hydrated Chrome Oxide Green, FD&C Yellow No.5 A1Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 A1 Lake.

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