FAB Regulars

Enjoy these rich creamy FAB paints for easy to blend bases for your face and body painting designs! Though FAB paints dry to the touch, you can set with setting powder or sealer if you need extra durability for special cosplay characters or Halloween make up designs.   Note: Please be aware FAB Makeup contains a very low, 0.003% fragrance level and is not recommended for use on those with  allergies to fragrances or perfumes.

UPDATE JUNE 2022 : FAB face paint is made by Superstar in the Netherlands. The colors and quality of FAB paint is exactly the same as the Superstar Brand that we also sell at Jest Paint. You will notice that FAB orders will now have FAB lids but may have just the Superstar Brand on the bases, and with the names that Superstar uses for each color.  If the same color has two names, we are also listing both names on the product listing.  The color codes will always match, so that you can be sure you are getting the correct color.

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