Face Paints Australia - Metallix Colors

We are happy to bring you Face Paint Australia's beautiful range of Metallix Colors! This line of metallic pearl face paint is perfect for shimmery mermaids, tigers, sea creatures, robots, peacock masks, Mardi Gras designs and so much more!  Face Paint Australia is a wax based face and body paint that is activated with water and is easy to apply to the skin and easy to remove with soap and water. Face Paint Australia's rich vibrant metallic colors have been available since 2005, and we finally are able to carry them at Jest Paint!

These pearly face paint colors have recently been formulated so that they are FDA compliant and can be sold in the U.S. as a cosmetic product. Also love matte face paints? Make sure to check out their Essential face paint range and rainbow cakes as well! Face Paint Australia is perfect for beginner artists, cosplay and Halloween makeup enthusiasts, professional face and body painters and parents looking for a safe product to paint their child with for a birthday party or special event.  

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