Fairy Snuff | Glitter Paste - Snow Angel 35gr

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What are the dimensions of this Fairy Snuff Paste container?

This 35 gram container has approximately 35 grams of glitter paste in it. The weight may vary because Fairy Snuff is measured by volume. This container is 1 1/2" wide and 1 5/8" tall. 

What is Fairy Snuff Glitter Paste best for?

This amazing combo is filled with snowflakes, making it PERFECT for ice princesses, snow queens and winter and holiday designs! Spread this around a snowman, flying reindeer scene or around a Christmas tree! Fairy Snuff Glitter Paste is best for adding bling to your face painting designs since it can be applied right on top without smearing your work. You can even add more loose glitter afterwards since the wax base will still be tacky and can hold on to even more glitter if needed! This large container is perfect for professional face painters. 

How to apply and remove Fairy Snuff Glitter Paste?

Apply Fairy Snuff glitter paste using your finger, filbert brush, or silicone applicator wand. It can be applied over the top of dry face paint. Please be aware that this smudge resistant formula will work over dry paint and make up, but touching it when you have a sweaty faces can cause smudging. Fairy Snuff can be removed using a damp tissue or paper towel, or can be scraped off gently with a business card and disposed of with your household garbage.

What else should I know about Fairy Snuff Glitter Paste?

Fairy Snuff glitter paste is made in New Zealand by Face Paints NZ. This glitter paste is a Special FX product and is not suitable for use on children under 3 years of age. Not for use on hair or around eyes and do not apply to the back of hands due to the risk of eye rubbing. Please do not leave this product in your car on hot days, store at room temperature.

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade petrolatum, Cosmetic grade glitter, Cera Alba, Parrafin, Fragrance oil.

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