Fusion Body Art Palettes Custom Bundle | Pick Two or More Palettes and Save

Fusion Body Art Palettes are a fantastic way to try out colors and rainbow cake combos. These compact kits are filled with amazing splits that are perfect for all kinds of face painting designs.

Be sure to check out each palettes product description by clicking Read More before adding it to your cart. Some palettes have Neon Colors in them which have not been tested by the FDA for use in cosmetics. Due to FDA regulations, they are labeled as Special Effects Products, not for cosmetic use. They have been tested by independent labs and have been certified as skin safe and hypoallergenic. 

Let your creativity go wild and save some money with this Jest Paint bundle opportunity! Fusion Paints are Vegan, Paraben Free, Perfume Free and made from high quality pigements and base ingredients! 

Choose 2 Fusion Palettes and SAVE 5% on your bundle!

Choose 3 or More Fusion Palettes and SAVE 10% on your bundle! 

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