Graftobian Make Up Kit - Witch Kit

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by Graftobian Make-Up Company | Product Code: GRK101
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What are the Dimensions and Contents of the Witch Kit?

The Graftobian Witch Kit consists of:

1 Graftobian Creme Makeup Wheel:  1/2oz Witch Green Foundation and 1/8oz of each accent color Blue, Black, Brown and Yellow.
1 Black Lining Pencil
1 Face Powder and Puff
3 Sponge wedges for makeup application
1 Lining & detailing brush
Complete step-by-step instructions


What is the Graftobian Green Witch Makeup Kit Best For?

Graftobian's Witch Kit is perfect for high quality Wicked Witch makeup!  You can also use the makeup in this kit to create hulking super heroes, vampires, zombies, elves, ogres, cosplay characters and so much more! Mix the colors in the wheel to create even more ghoulish colors.  The creme based paint sets with setting powder, and will give you a smudge proof and sweat resistant makeup that will last for hours of  casting spells, dancing, performing, flying on brook sticks and having fun. This kit if perfect for this years Halloween Makeup, witches never get too old!

How should I Apply and Remove Graftobian Creme Based Paints?

Graftobian's creme based paint is easy to apply and remove. Apply a smooth green base by patting the paint on to the skin with the sponge provided and then tap over any sponge marks with your finger tips. Set the base with powder using the powder puff. Once the base is set you can use the brush and pencil to add fine details like raised eye browns, long eyelashes, moles, warts, wrinkles and bold lips. Set the rest of the colors with setting powder and pat with a moist paper towel to press in powder more and lift off any extra powder. 

What else should I know about Graftobian products?

If you are looking for a skin safe, durable and comfortable professional grade makeup, look no further! Graftobian Makeup is a family owned US based makeup manufacturing company that operates out of Madison Wisconsin and and Brooklyn New York. Their cosmetic grade products are made from FDA compliant ingredients and are not tested on animals. Graftobian face paints are also perfume free.











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