Kryvaline Face Paint Cakes

Kryvaline is a great line of face paints hailing from Canada. The name is a nod to the owner’s three children so the whole line was created with easy application and fun face painting looks for kids in mind. Our Kryvaline rainbow cakes are sold in in 30g, 40g or 50g containers so you can get as much as you need to fit perfectly into your professional face painting kit. Kryvaline body paint is known for bold pigment with creamy texture for great coverage. Create the perfect butterfly with bright colors or natural looks with earth inspired neutral tones.

Kryvaline Face Paint Sponges

Kryvaline also provides a great line of ‘never stain’ black sponges. We love face paint sponges designed by face paint manufactures because they are designed to fit the rainbow cakes perfectly for easy application. Black face paint sponges are easy to clean and will look like new after washed, avoiding the typical stains that can be seen on regular orange face painting sponges.

Let us know if there are any other Kryvaline products that you would like to see at Jest Paint as we are always looking to expand our line to bring the face paints you would love to use.

*Is your paint not activating with water? Please remember to peel off the thin plastic sheets from your new cakes when they arrive. :)

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