Kryvaline Face Paint Bundle | Choose 3 or More Essential 32gr Cakes and Save

Kryvaline Face and Body Paints are rich and opaque! There are two lines, Creamy and Regular, but they are very similar and can be used together to create beautiful works of art! Both lines are perfect for bases and linework and are loved by professional and beginner face painters. 

Let your creativity go wild and save some money with this Jest Paint bundle opportunity! Kryvaline Essentail Face Paints are FDA Compliant for Cosmetic Use, Vegan, Paraben Free, and Perfume Free! They are easy to wash of with soap and water. 

Choose 3 Kryvaline Creamy and/or Regular Essential Cakes and SAVE 5% on your bundle!

Choose 4 or More Kryvaline Creamy and/or Regular Essential Cakes and SAVE 7% on your bundle! 

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