Leanne's Rainbow | Face Painting Brush - 3/8" Angle

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by Fusion Body Art | Product Code: LRB101
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What materials are used in this Leanne's Rainbow brush?

Leanne's Brushes have wooden handles and Synthetic golden tacklon bristles. The brush pictured is a full image and an up close shot. The price listed is for one brush.

What are the dimensions of this Angle brush?

Coming soon!

What is the best way to use Leanne's 3/8" Angle Face Painting Brush?

The 3/8" Angle Brush is Leanne's go to for scallops and rose petals, tiger stripes and angled tear drops.  Activate your brush with water and swipe the brush back and forth on the 1 stroke cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply to skin and re-load brush if needed. Wash your brush with soap and water, or use a special brush cleaner like Lush Brush to remove any paint deep within the bristles and to condition your brush bristles.


What else should I know about Leanne's Rainbow Brushes?

Leanne Courtney, world recognized face painter and face paint cake designer, designed this beautiful new collection for all of us to enjoy. Because the brushes are made from synthetic bristles, no animals were harmed for the production of these brushes.











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