Empty Containers for Big 50gr Rainbow Cakes - Black - PACK OF 10

This is the same container that Diamond FX and TAG use for their big 50gr Rainbow Cakes. It is perfect for creating your own rainbow cakes, or for just repotting your solid rounds into a rectangular container so that you can cram more cakes into your kit! *Please note, due to the make up of the clear plastic lid, the lids are very fragile, and may crack easily. Lids may crack during shipping. Because of the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds or send replacement lids. If you receive cracked lids and your order was shipped using Priority Mail or Express Mail in the U.S. you can file a claim with the USPS for the cost of the containers, up to $50. We hope to find a product with a better lid soon! The outside measurements (including the lid) are: 2 9/16" long, 2 2/16" wide, 1/2" tall. It perfectly fits half of the Hydra Sponges we use for face painting! The lids are held on by friction.

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