Face Painting - Floral Face Mask Cover

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What are these face masks made of?

These durable face masks are made of 100% cotton with spandex bands that go around the ears. They come in a bright floral fabric pattern, just as pictured.

How do I wash my mask?

Each mask is steam ironed after being made, but is not laundered. For an extra precaution, please wash your face mask before using it yourself. You can wash your cotton face mask with your regular clothes in any wash cycle, and dry it with any dryer setting. You can also steam iron your mask after each washing.

What else should I know about these face masks?

These hand sewn masks are double layered and pleated. They do not come with filters but they have a built in pocket to add a filter of your own. If you are looking for some tips on sanitary practices and how to deal with Covid-19 as a face painter, check out our blog Face Painting and the Coronavirus Covid-19 .

We do not make any medical claims in regards to the use or effectiveness of these masks. Yet, keep in mind that as of the moment this description was written, in the USA, the CDC recommended the use of fabric masks to regular citizens and asked regular citizens to leave medical grade masks to those working in the medical field.

Who made these face masks?

Each face mask was sewn with care by a professional face painter in the USA. She is a professional face painter in our community and took up sewing masks as a way to earn extra income while faced with the economic impact of social distancing measures due to Covid-19. We are happy to help support her, and help you get a fun, colorful mask for regular life outside of home or to use at your events in the future.









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