Incendium Arts | Glitter Balm Applicator - PINK

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by Incendium Arts | Product Code: IAGBA201
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What are the dimensions?

This Pink Glitter Applicator is 2 ⅛” X ½”

What are Essential Glitter Balm Applicators best for?

This Applicator is best for applying Incendium Arts Glitter Balm on top of face paint! 

How to use and clean Essential Glitter Balm Applicators?

Using the tip of the applicator you can pick up the glitter balm, it is recommended to use the back of the scoop for a smooth application!  If you ever need a large amount at once the scoop would work well for transferring.  The smooth plastic makes for an easy clean up with soap and water.

What else should I know about Essential Glitter Balm Applicators?

Not Suitable for children under the age of 3. Do not use near eyes, nose, or mouth to keep chunky glitter applicator away from germs.

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