Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Baby Caticorn (T13)

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by Ooh Stencils | Product Code: OOHT13

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What are the dimensions of this Face Painting Stencil?
Stencil size: approximately 3.85" x 5.85" tall at the largest points.

How do I use this Baby Caticorn Face Painting Stencil?
Ooh! Face Painting Stencils are laser cut onto flexible 7 millimeter Mylar. 

Ohh! face painting stencils are great for both sponge work and airbrush. To use them with a sponge, simply load your dry sponge into slightly wet paint so that the paint is tacky and not too wet at all. Press the stencil against the skin firmly while patting down the paint with your sponge. The paint should be dry enough that it stipples gradually in the gaps to build up into a solid coverage. Make sure to always keep pressing firmly on the stencil right around the area you are applying the paint. You can do this by moving your fingers slowly across the outer edges of the stencil as you tap the sponge between them. Carefully pull the stencil up and away from the skin when you are done, and listen for the Oohs!

How do I clean my Ooh! Stencil?
Ooh! Stencils are durable and easy to clean. Rinse the stencils and then wipe clean gently with a wet cloth and let air dry. Make sure not to get your cloth or sponge snagged on the stencil since that can break or bend it.

What are Ooh! Baby Caticorn Stencils best for?
This super cute Baby Caticorn will be all the rage! Stencil the background colors first with a solid or rainbow gradient, and then once dry apply the stencil again to stencil the fine line work. Add white highlights in the eyes and you are done!  If you struggle with cute intricate critters, you will love this stencil. Unicorns and kittens unite! You can also use the cute little butterflies in the back ground. 

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