Hydra Color Wet Eye Liner Kit by Fusion Body Art | Basic Set

What are the contents of the Hydra Color Wet Eye Liner BASIC Kit by Fusion Body Art?

The Fusion Hydra Color Wet Eye Liner Kits contain three 30 gram Fusion Colors in Strong Black, Pro Parafin White, and Magic Dark Blue, two TAP stencils Organic Scales and Scratches Creepy Textture,  one Vivid Silver based Glitter Gleam Cream in Heaven and one Bolt Thin Round #1 liner brush! Everything comes packed in a sturdy clear zipper pouch.p>

What is the Hydra Eye Liner Kit best for?

If you are looking for a solid and bold eye liner for fashion or fantasy looks that is easy to use and easy to remove, look no further! Fusion Body Arts high quality makeup formula is perfect for creating bold crisp line work around the eye and it can be used all over the face and body if desired.  A little bit goes a long way, so these 30 gram cakes are going to be perfect for practically endless eye designs! You can easily blend the colors together to create new shades too. These Fusion colors are FDA compliant for cosmetic use, Vegan and paraben and perfume free. The Magic Dark Blue can change from matte dark blue with a thin layer to a have shiny purple reflection if applied thickly. Learn more by checking out our blog post of Wet Eyeliners. This kit also comes with TAP Stencils and a jar of Heaven Vivid Gleam Glitter Cream! Combine the stencils and glitter for super bold and sparkly looks. You can stencil the Fusion paint onto the eyelid area to add cool patterns. You can stencil it onto the skin or onto a contrasting color of face paint. For an example, a white lid with black winged eye liner and dark blue pattern would look amazing. 

How do I apply and remove Hydra Eye Liner cake liners?

Hydra liners only need to be active with a synthetic paint brush and clean water. To avoid water build up in the cake, do not spray your paints. Moisten your brush, wipe off any access water on the edge of the cup, and gently swirl your brush back and forth against the cake making sure to keep shaping the tip of the bristles into a fine point. Once the paint is fully loaded and not too wet or dry test on the back of your hand and then apply to eye area in steady strokes. You can use hydra sponges or larger flat or kabuki brushes to apply Fusion Hydra Colors to larger areas of skin. Gently remove the product with water and a makeup remover, including oil based cleansers on a soft sponge or cloth. If any staining occurs apply something like coconut oil on the skin and let sit for a bit and then wipe away with a tissue. Store paints after they are dry.

How long do Wet Eye Liners last, and can I seal them to make them last longer?

Hydra Color Wet Eye Liners dry to a smudge free finish, but they are water based, so they will smudge if they are exposed to water or a lot of sweat. Set the area first with powder to avoid sweat from breaking down the paint, or seal the skin with makeup sealer first, and after, but be very careful not to get it in your eyes. You can also use a product like Mehron Mixing Liquid or Ben Nye Final Seal to moisten the colors instead of water and apply them to the skin if you want a longer lasting look. You must be very careful around they eyes since these products contain alcohol. If you are using Hydra Liners for fashion makeup shoots and not for all out dance parties, sealers or powders will not be needed. 

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