Kryvaline Face Paint Split Cake (Regular Line) - Eagle 30gr

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by Kryvaline | Product Code: KRYSRC124

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What are the dimensions of this Kryvaline face painting product?

Kryvaline small rainbow cakes have approximately 30gr of paint, the containers are are 1 1/4" wide, 2 1/16" long and 10/16" tall.

What is Kryvaline Split Cake Eagle best for?

Kryvaline small split cake Eagle is perfect for your Fourth of July events! The colors in this cake are: Red, White, Light Blue, and Dark Blue. This makes an easy swipe for a flag, eye design, flowers, hearts or a background for fireworks!

How to apply and remove this face paint?

Water is the key piece in activating face paint! We recommend that face painters or parents apply water to their face painting brush or sponge and then load the makeup onto their tool, rather than spraying the face paints with a misting bottle. Spraying might lead to an over absorption of water into your face paint cake, which means soft, sticky paint that is harder to use. Load a moist sponge or a flat or angular brush (1" to 3/4" if you want to pick up all of the colors) by sweeping from side to side across the Split Cake using a small amount of water to moisten your paint until you have created a smooth light creamy paste, wipe any excess paint off of your sponge or brush on the edge of the container and apply to the skin. Choose a sponge or brush size based on how many colors you want to pick up. Hold the cake vertically so that any dripping paint will run down the color of the stripe, and not across the whole rainbow. Put just the tiny tip of your brush back in your water cup if you need to add more water. You want the paint to be fully loaded, appearing wet and shiny, but not drippy. Make sure that your brush is lined up with the correct colors when you reload. Rinse and repeat if colors start to get too mixed. You can easily remove this face paint with soap and water; simply lather your face with soap using a soft sponge or wash cloth, rub the makeup gently until it looks like all of it has been loosened from the skin and then rinse with water; repeat as needed. Make sure to always use soap first since using water first will remove the oils from your skin that help prevent staining while leaving most of the makeup still on. If any faint stains are left after washing the skin off, you can use lotion, makeup remover, night crème or baby oil to moisten your face and clean any remaining makeup residue. Regular sweating and oil production as well as friction with sheets and pillows at bed time will take care of any leftover faint stains that might be left after cleaning your skin as directed.

What else should I know about Kryvaline face painting products?

Kryvaline face paints are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. These products are made in China under the direction of Kryvaline in Canada.

Warning: Keep away from eyes; Discontinue if rash develops. Remove with soap and warm water. Makeup contained in this package is hypo-allergic and non-toxic.

Ingredients: Paraffin Wax, Petrolatum, Glycerine, Calcium Carbonate, Stearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, EDTA Disodium Salt, Sodium Benzoate, Acacia Senegal, Dextrin, Water, Mica CI 77019, CI 15850, CI 15850:2, CI 77891, CI 42090:1, CI 77266, CI19140, CI 77007, CI 77510, CI77491, CI77492, CI 77499, CI 74160, CI15985:1, CI 47005:1, CI 77742, CI 11680, CI74260, CI 51319









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