Ooh! Face Painting Stencils

Clayton James' fascinating line of face stencils for face and body painting will make you say ooh! This collection of Ooh Stencils was designed to be used with ease while creating eye catching accents to your face and body art designs.  You will find hearts, flowers, stars, webs and mermaid scales just to name a few! These mylar stencils for painting beautiful designs are perfect for crowns, necklaces, cheek art and complex eye designs and masks! You will love the way they wrap around the angles of the face, giving a perfect flow! Some stencils would work well for body painting too. Click the link to check out our Jest Paint Blog Post introducing Ooh Stencils!  These are a great addition to your face painting kit! 

If you need some amazing tips on how to use face paint with stencils check out this complete Jest Paint blog post Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencil Guide

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