Sparkling Faces | Light Skin Tone - Belly Painting Practice Board

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What materials are Sparkling Faces practice board made from?

The Sparkling Faces Practice Boards are made from sturdy and easily washable plastic that has a slight texture to reduce your brush from slipping.   

What are the dimensions of this belly painting practice board?

The Sparkling Faces Belly Practice Boards are printed on A3 plastic sheets which are close to about 16.5 x 16.5 inches. We may have to slightly curl these boards to fit in our shipping boxes. Just set a heavy book on top to flatten them out if they arrived with slight curl. Due to the odd size, this is an expensive item to ship. You can calculate the cost at check out.  

How do I use Sparkling Faces Practice Boards?

Wash your board with soap and water before your first use. Get your brush wet, tap off any excess moisture, and then swipe the brush back and forth on your face paint cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply to the board  in smooth strokes and re-load brush as needed. You can also sponge on colors or add liquid bling to your finished designs. To avoid dripping or beading, and to promote faster drying of the paint, make sure that your paint is thick and creamy, not wet and inky.

What is this Belly Painting Practice Board best for?

The Belly Painting Practice Board is perfect for planning out your designs for beautiful belly art. Sparkling Faces Practice Boards are similar in size to the diameter of a small pregnant belly. You can paint out different ideas for the mom to choose from, or build a library of ideas for moms to choose from, that you can later add a special touch to personalize the design for their baby. Use the Light Skin Tone board to work on color combos that will pop on paler skin tones. Belly painting is fun and relaxing for the mother. Coming prepared with your worked out designs will also make it a more relaxing job for you. The Belly Painting practice board comes in either a light or dark skin tone.To create your own design boards simply take photos of your boards under bright natural light and scan or upload to your computer to collage together and print, or to print individually and then store in an album or a hanging card holder.

How do I clean my practice board after use?

You can easily clean your face paint practice boards with dish soap, water and a soft sponge. Make sure to wash off your face painting practice boards before you store them to prevent staining. You can remove stubborn stains with cooking oil. To be on the safe side, test super pigmented paint color on the corner of your board to see if they are easy to wash off. We are so excited about how easy these face paint boards are to wash off! 

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