Sparkling Faces | The Ultimate Face Painting Practice Guide - Intricate Halloween Designs by Milena Potekhina

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by Sparkling Faces Practice Boards | Product Code: SFUFG105

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What materials are Sparkling Faces Practice Guide pages and practice board made from?

 This is a bound book, with all of the pages stapled together at the side.  The Sparkling Faces practice pages and final designs sheets are printed on A4 sturdy paper sheets, which is close to about 8.3 × 11.7 inches, or almost a standard piece of printing paper. The transparent practice board is the same size as the book. The dimensions of the faces will give you a realistic face and body painting experience. This top quality printing is done in Switzerland. 

What are the contents of the Ultimate Face Painting Practice Guide - 10 Intricate Halloween Designs by Milena?

The Intricate Halloween Guide by Milena has 29 pages total. The spider design and the wound & fly design each have 1 page step by step instructions, and 1 page finished design. Witch’s castle design has 3 pages step by step instruction and 1 page finished design. The other 7 designs have 2 pages step by step instruction and 1 page finished design. 10 amazing complete designs in total.  Place your clear practice board on top of the design sheet that you want to work on and paint on top of the board. Wipe off and repeat as necessary.  Practice Board that is easy to paint on and easy to wash off with soap and water. This book also comes with 3 FREE stencils that you will love!

What is the Ultimate Face Painting Practice Guide :  Intricate Halloween Designs?

Don't forget, practice makes progress! When you don't have a willing live model, practice tools like this will save the day! These amazing guides created by world renowned and award winning artist Milena Potekhina, are just what you need to learn to paint cute and creepy Halloween designs. You will not only learn how to paint a variety of designs like a cool spider, witch’s hat, lace mask, wound & fly, ghost, witch’s castle, pumpkin, pumpkins & ghost, unicorn, monster, but you will also learn how to layer them with webs, dots, stars, bats and fall leaves to create balanced and flowing Fall and Halloween designs for the face. 

 Sparkling Faces Ultimate Face Painting Practice Guides were designed for multiple uses for you face painting business.  You can use these for practice and for creating your own images for your design boards. Once you have practiced until you feel like your muscle memory has kicked in, you can paint your own designs using all of the elements that you learned on the 29 paper sheets.   You can laminate these pages or put them in a spiral notebook with plastic page protectors for customers to browse through. You can also create your own designs for private makeup appointments or for special holiday designs.


How do I use the Sparkling Faces Ultimate Face Painting Practice Guide?

Place the practice board on top of the design sheet that you would like to practice. Follow the step by step strokes to build beautiful designs.

  For the plastic practice board and the paper sheets, get your brush wet, tap off any excess moisture, and then swipe the brush back and forth on your face paint cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply the paint in smooth strokes and re-load your brush as needed. You can also sponge on colors or add liquid bling to your finished designs. To avoid dripping or beading, and to promote faster drying of the paint, make sure that your paint is thick and creamy, not wet and inky.  When you are done practicing wash your practice board off with soap and water. Any remaining residue can be removed with a magic eraser and sunflower oil. You cannot wipe the paint off of the paper sheets, so you may want to make a light sketch with pencil or white paint to guide you if you have trouble with symmetry and getting your strokes right where you want them.

Milena uses round Liners Angles, and a blender brush for these designs.  










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