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by Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested | Product Code: TTT101
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What are the dimensions and materials of the SKY Training Tried & Tested Practice Board?

The Practice board dimensions are A4 / 8.3" x 11.7" These amazing boards are made of a slightly textured, sturdy plastic sheet with high quality waterproof colored printing on the back. The background is white. 

What is the SKY face painting practice board best for?

Training Tried & Tested practice boards are perfect for practicing your face painting designs and creating design boards or promotional material for to show off your work. This amazing 3 D style board will give you much more realistic looking images to share. The proportions are also realistic, which makes your practicing experience even better. Sky is an adorable child and you can paint anything from princesses, to tigers to scary monsters on her. 

How do I apply paint and remove paint from this practice board?

You can paint your practice board just like you would on skin, but since it is plastic and won't absorb any moisture you will want to make sure that you paint is nice and creamy to avoid drips or slow drying. You can apply water based face paint, powders, stencils, glitter gels and more to your board. Clean you Training Tried and Tested boards with soap and then water and a soft rag. They are very easy to wash off, just be sure to wash them after after you are done painting and taking pictures of your work. Stubborn stains can be removed with toothpaste, bathroom cleaners or a magic eraser and coconut oil! Do not paint the back side of the board. 

What else should I know about Training Tried & Tested boards?

This realistic face painting practice board was designed by Sally-Anne Lynch's artist and friend Darren Holtom. These boards give you a more three dimensional feel compared to the other practice boards on the market because they are modeled after real children and have shading and anatomically correct facial proportions.

¿Cuáles son las dimensiones de este producto?

Los Dimensiones son A4 / 8.3" x 11.7" .

¿Cómo aplicar y remover esta pintura?

Aplica las pinturas faciales con una esponja o pincel humedo. Moje su esponja o pincel ligeramente, luego frote suavemente el aplicador contra la superficie de su pastilla hasta obtener una carga cremosa completa. Ahora aplícalo sobre la foto. Es fácil de quitar la pintura con agua y jabón.

¿Para qué es mejor Training Tried & Tested Board?

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