Practice Heads and Boards

If you are running out of live canvases to practice on, a practice head or mat will really help you perfect your designs.

Do the practice heads stain? Yes they do. Many people claim that using a magic eraser and rubbing alcohol or coconut oil works to get out a lot of the stains, but be prepared for painting over the stains with the design or a flesh tone color. 

The practice boards will rarely have issues with staining, but test your paints on an edge to see what colors might be harder to remove.   Jest Design it and Sparkling Faces practice boards are great for making your own design boards, just snap pics and collage a poster of your latest offerings. They are also perfect to taking to conventions because they pack flat! Just keep painting, just keep painting!

Please note: DVDS, books, magazines, practice heads and practice boards and downloadables cannot be returned.

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