Prima Barton | Creative Series Face Painting Brush - Base Blender

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by Prima Barton | Product Code: PBB102

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What materials are used in this face painting brush?

The Creative Series brushes by Prima Barton are made with synthetic nylon bristles and they have blue painted wooden handles with red tips.

What are the dimensions?

How to use this face painting brush?

Get your brush wet, tap off any excess moisture, and then swipe the brush back and forth on your face paint cake to load the bristles with face paint. Apply to skin in smooth strokes and re-load brush as needed.

What is this face painting brush best for?

Prima Barton's Base Blender brush is perfect for covering large areas for full face designs! This brush is great for bears, tigers, and superheros! 

What else should I know about Prima Barton face painting brushes?

Prima Barton is a world renown face painter and instructor from Queensland Australia. She took care in designing a set of brushes perfect for face painters. Because the brushes are made from synthetic bristles, no animals were harmed for the production of these brushes.









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