Kryvaline Face Paint (Reg Line) - Large 12 Color Neon/Metallics Palette

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by Kryvaline | Product Code: KRYPA103

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Please Note! This Palette now has Metallic White instead of Metallic Silver

This kit comes with a small flat and round brush. Each Color has 10gr of paint aprox. These neon colors are black light reactive, and the Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green are very bright under normal lighting as well. The neon blue and purple do not have a strong daylight glow effect.

The Metallic Colors are red, Gold, White, Green, Blue and Violet. They have a lot of shimmer!

Please Note that:
Neon Magenta, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange contain certain neon pigments that haven't been tested by the FDA to be use i n cosmetics. The label says they are For Hair and Special effects only, and not a cosmetic.

The Metallic colors are all FDA compliant for cosmetics.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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