StarBlend Powders By Mehron - Custom Build Pro Palette - 9 56gr Cakes

This is one of the best ways to get started with StarBlend Face Painting powders! You can select 9 colors of your choice and get the set at a GREAT price! Product Includes: 9 StarBlend 56gr Cakes of your Choice Black Plastic Case Foam Insert to help keep your Starblends secure, organized and to a professional touch to your kits appearance.
Starblends are Fragile, so we highly recommend adding insurance to your order. Read the Starblend main category if you would like to learn more about these powders.

To create your custom build palette, select your first color by clicking ADD under each of the colors you want, you must choose 9 colors. If a color is out of stock, it won't let you add it.

Once you are done you will get a link to see your bundle and then add it to your cart.

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