Superstar Face Paints | Set of 12 Dream Colour Split Cakes

Do you love tons of colors?! This Superstar Dream Colours kit is packed with 12 amazing color combinations for full face designs, shimmery eye masks and cool 1 stroke face painting!

Superstar is a highly pigmented, smooth and creamy face paint from the Netherlands. Superstar face paints blend easily and dry to a smudge free finish. This beautiful line of bold opaque colors are perfect for professional face painters and beginners. Their colors are easy to wash off with soap and water! Superstar face paints are made with FDA compliant pigments for cosmetics. They are Vegan, Perfume Free and Hypoallergenic! 

Get 12 Cakes, a foam insert and plastic black case for only $150! While supplies last!

Please note that coupon codes will not apply an additional discount to this reduced bundle price.

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