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Check our home page slide show to see if we have any special sales this week! We truly appreciate you support at Jest Paint! We keep our everyday prices low to help you save money. We know that everybody likes cheap face paint so we strive to offer you the best deals while still only selling high quality hypoallergenic and child safe products. We also like having special sales as an added bonus, and we have a lot of "coupon code free" sales up for a week or two at a time. If you missed a coupon code sale,take advantage of our other deals!

Stay calm and enter your coupon code before choosing your shipping option. Your Coupon code will show up at the bottom of your list of store items in your shopping cart after applying it. It has to be there in order for us to know that you want to participate and get any discounts or freebies at checkout. Always read the coupon code rules posted with every coupon so that you know how to use it and qualify for the sale.
Please note: Using the codes above will help you save on shipping but does not guarantee free shipping.

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