Graftobian Professional Makeup | Alcohol Based - Hand Sanitizer Spray 2.37oz

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by Graftobian Make-Up Company | Product Code: GRSS104
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What are the dimensions of this Graftobian product?

This is a 2.37 oz / 70ml plastic container. 

Are there shipping restrictions on this product?

THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA AND CAN'T BE SHIPPED TO APO/FPO/DPO. In order for your package to be shipped using air mail, the package can not be over 25lbs and it can't have more than 48 Fl Oz of Alcohol Based products. If these conditions are not met, we will contact you to arrange a different shipping method. 

What is Graftobian's Hand Sanitizing Spray best for?

 Graftobian's Hand Sanitizing Spray is designed to sanitize your hands without hurting them. The 70% alcohol formula contains glycerin to help keep your skin soft. The spray is light and easy to use. This is a perfume free product. 

How to use Graftobian Hand Sanitizing Spray?

Spray into hands and let air dry. 

What else should I know about Graftobian Hand Sanitizer Spray?

From the Manufacturer: With so many hand sanitizers popping up, it is hard to know who and what to trust. As a makeup manufacturer, Graftobian has been making products that are safe to use on the skin for over 40 years. We understand the importance of using high grade, FDA approved ingredients. Like all Graftobian products, our sanitizer conforms to FDA ingredient guidelines to ensure public confidence. This hand sanitizer spray contains 70% SDA Alcohol, beating the FDA recommendation of 60% for germ-killing effectiveness. It also contains the proper amount of glycerin to soften hands and keep skin from drying out. Another thing you will not find in this hand sanitizer spray is fillers or unnecessary ingredients, such as fragrances. Those things simply increase the possibility of skin reactions while doing nothing to make the product work better. In everything Graftobian does, we use only the ingredients necessary to make the product work. Nothing else. That is why our products work for people with the most sensitive skin. This sanitizer is no different and we a are proud to keep it that way. Made in the U.S.A.


Active Ingredient: SDA Alcohol 40-B 70% v/v Inactive Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Dimethicone, Triethanolamine









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