Dental Distortions | FX Fangs 2.0 - WOLFEN VENEERS

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What are Dental Distortions Wolfen werewolf Teeth best for?

The Wolfen teeth are perfect for your werewolf costume! You will stop people in their tracks the moment you open your mouth and growl. Want to win a costume contest for Halloween? You can use these for demon, vampire, witch, tiger, lion, evil fairy, ghoul, zombie, reaper, and skeleton teeth too! These will help get you there! You can sing, talk, and scream like normal since they hang on to the front of your teeth and do not wrap around them like caps do, which can distort your speech. Dental Distortions are veneer style costume teeth that can be shaped to snap onto your own teeth.

Dental Distortions are hand stained and no two sets of teeth are exactly the same. They look like real teeth and will help you create that killer costume for Halloween, Cosplay, Haunts and more! 

Are Dental Distortion FX Wolf Fangs 1 size fits all?

These are designed with adult sized mouths in mind. Since these are veneers and do not cover the tops of your teeth like caps do, they are ideal for most adults.  You will create a custom fit with the thermoplastic beads so that they can only be used by you. 

How do I apply Dental Distortions Special FX fake teeth?

The 2.0 Wolfen version is thinner and more flexible, so they don't need to be pre-fit! Each set of Dental Distortions comes with step by step directions. You can also see them below with images to illustrate the application process. If you don't like the fit the first time, you can put the veneer back into the water, remove the fitting strip and start over. Make sure to read the directions carefully to get the best looking and most comfortable fit. You can also search Dental Distortions on Youtube to see videos of the process. 

Warning: Do not apply over braces and do not allow the thermal bead material to cool completely in the mouth. Remove  veneers while plastic is still flexible. 

Dental Distortions | FX Fangs 2.0  - how to apply fake teeth

Wolfe FX Dental Distortions caps fake teeth veneers for costumes Instructions tutorial

Are Dental Distortions reusable and are they safe to use?

Dental Distortions are made of a very sturdy bio-compatible plastic. Bio-compatible plastics do not cause reactions with the human body, so they are very safe to wear for long periods of time if needed.  Store you Dental Distortions in the case provided to protect them from damage. You will be able to use these fake teeth over and over again.

Oral bacteria can form on your appliance so be sure to wash them after each use. They have found that oral bacteria can also prevent the thermal beads from softening if you want to melt them down to do a refit. After a year of use it is recommended to use new fitting beads to get a fresh start with a firmer fit.

What else should I know about Dental Distortions?

The makes of Wolfe FX has created Dental Distortions due to the high demand of fake teeth from the haunt , Halloween and cosplay community. They pride themselves in designing realistic veneers with creepy hand painted finishes and fine details. Their products have been worn on stage by performers in such shows as Into The Woods and Batboy: The Musical and they have been seen in such films as Werewolf: The Devil's Hound, Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil III, Afternoon of the Rat-Faced Zombies, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Primal, and G-String Vampires!

Warning: Do not apply over braces and do not allow the thermal bead material to cool completely in the mouth. Remove while still flexible.

Made from Bio-compatible Plastic and thermoplastic fitting beads.









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